Monday, March 12, 2018

Bigfoot Wakes Up Guy With Mindspeak!

From Blayne Tyler on youtube:

Part 2 of encounters with a juvie Bigfoot INSIDE my home. I first seen the little 2-3' transparent Juvie peeking around a doorway. Later when investigating I heard it scream from the second floor. Also around 2am it woke me and just me in our bedroom with a pretty good cat meow imitation that much too powerful. Was the little bugger watching us sleep, ugh. These are just some of the events that have occurred in and around my house since I made the mistake of researching too close to home. The headaches are sharp shooting nerve type pains the either runs down or up the right side of my face at the slightest touch. WTF?


  1. “I first seen the little 2-3' transparent Juvie peeking around a doorway.”

    Role playing or just a deranged lunatic?

    1. I vote deranged lunatic (Matthew Johnson class).

    2. A “transparent juvie”... or 100 transparent hoaxers, that account for all the evidence in the US & Canada, running around in gorilla costumes dodging hunters bullets like the Matrix.

      What’s the difference?

    3. Yes... In the 60 years of physical evidence for it.

      Got 100 monkey suit wearing, bullet dodging role-players?

    4. ^ speaks his mind through his ass...he`s full o` shit.

  2. Ikkyboy -